About RMAA Barn Gallery

The Barn Gallery is located in Ringwood State Park
Ringwood Manor
1304 Sloatsburgh Road
Ringwood, NJ 07456
Ph: 973-839-0921


RMAA is open Weekends, Wednesdays and Holidays: 1 to 4 pm. There is no admission fee to RMAA exhibitions and presentations. A Park entrance fee may be charged weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day. All Park visitors are welcome at RMAA exhibitions.

As you enter the park, the Barn Gallery is to the right of the entry booth. If you are able, please park in the main parking lot above and leave the side parking for volunteers who will be working at the Gallery. Take a few minutes to walk down and enjoy the park, ponds, and scenery.

Executive Board

President:                     Joe Fontana
Vice President:               Patricia Mueller
Treasurer:                     Leah Madsen
Secretary:                     Andrea Pfleger
Director, Grants:          Al Metz
Publicity Director:         Janine Weller
Gallery Consultant:       Frank Pfleger  

 Exhibition Directors

Young Artists’ Expo:         Leah Madsen
Emerging Artists Showcase: Pat Ley
Members’ Exhibition:       Pat Ley
Winners’ Circle:                 Leah Madsen
Photography Show:           Joe Fontana
Open Juried Exhibition:   Patricia Mueller

 Officers Emeriti:
Dorothy Barbanti, Jacinthe Battaglino,
Mayrose K. Blumberg,  Lonnie Dykstra, Patricia Varian

Trustees:   Irene Busteed, Pat Ley, Nancy Rogers, Vi Shipley